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// Posted by :Evelina S // On :Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wouldn't you like to have an anime or manga cake on your birthday?Today I'll show you some amazing and kawaii anime cakes and cupcakes^-^

Ok, so I'll start with a few anniversary anime cakes that are made in the Gunma prefecture in Japan - there is a pastry shop called Torte that excels in creating anime, manga, and video game themed cakes.

Here's one made in Hiroshima :

Now a few Naruto cakes and cupcakes :

Ok, there are three Sharingan cakes :
 Third stage Sharingan -
 Itachi's Magenkyou Sharingan -
 Sasuke's Sharingan -

Here are some K-on cakes :

The next one is with One Piece's Monkey D. Luffy and it's amazing in my opinion :

Here are a few Fullmetal Alchemist cupcakes :
That's extremely cute :

Now there are some amazing manga cakes :
I've seen this idea put in many ways -
 This is brilliant-

I have also found some nice Death Note ones :

 That's the best of them :

Some Pokemon ones (there were many many of them but I only took a few) :

Some very nice random ones :

One Inuyasha cake :

I hope you liked this post and found your favourite cake/cupcake through these^o^.

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  1. Torte means "cakes" in my native language o-o
    The stuff looks really interesting, especially the Death Note cake and the Alchemist cupcakes (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  2. It looks pretty cool. I would love to taste some of them.

  3. Hi Luisa, Check out the Lady chef from Western Australia, she specialise in Japanese Anime Cake.


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