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// Posted by :Evelina S // On :Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Koe no Katachi review

Mangaka (author) : Yoshitoki Ooima 

Number of chapters : 1

Status : Completed

A one-shot about Nishimiya, a girl with impaired hearing who transfers into a new middle school class. Dispite her beautiful character and will to make new friends with her classmates always pick up on her. In the end she transfers to another school and one of ther worst classmates realises that he was wrong.

This is a manga that takes us out of the magnificent swords from Shōnen mangas and big sparkling eyes from Shōjo mangas.
This is a very representative page : 
This is a typical situation but the way it's exposed here it's unique and just doesn't mask anything, the harsh reality is shown the way it is.
I think the messages this manga transmits are very clear : people should first try to know each other and not judge others just based on appearances; we should offer chances to the ones that are different from us and try to help them integrate because many times they prove to be extraordinary persons and also wise ones and that that annoying superior attitude that many have shouldn't exist - usually when those persons realise what the reality is, unfortunately it's too late.
Now about the art, I noticed something new here : the characters are both cute and realistic...I think that's hard to do. The other elements are also drawn irreproachably. Anyway, I love her drawing style, nothing to comment.
This is a must for any manga fan so make sure to read it and support this young, brilliant mangaka.

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